Hawaii Summer
Geology and Volcanology of the Hawaiian Islands
Summer trip to Hawaii
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The first part of the course will be conducted on the island of Oahu, home to the state’s capital Honolulu, world famous Waikiki and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Students will then fly with Dr. Hood to the Big Island for the next part of our trip get firsthand experience with active volcanoes!

Geology of the Hawaiian Islands
Legends and Myths of Hawaii
Polynesian Ocean Migration

Itinerary highlights include:
* study geological and volcanological events in the Big Island's rich volcanic and tectonic setting as well as ancient events on the Island of Oahu
* examine lava flows, summit calderas and craters, tephra ash deposits, fissures, pit craters, lava tubes, fault scarps, littoral cones, a coastal lava delta, and other volcanic features
* explore active plate tectonic processes in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
* study Kilauea’s Crater Rim visiting such features as a rift zone, collapsed caldera, steam vents, sulfur banks, lava tubes and the site of a lava fire fountain
* hike over a recent lava field to get a view over a shield vent and the active vent rifts and lava ponding associated with Puu Oo
* meet Dr. Robert Yonover for a video conference on his lastest inventions at the BAE Systems conference facilities high atop the First Hawaiian Bank in downtown Honolulu
* visit thermal pools, waterfalls, and enjoy time in the seaside towns of Hilo and Kailua-Kona
* drive along Chain Of Craters Road and look at more volcanic features including a lava channel, frozen lava falls, and pit craters
* hike out over lava flows for a view of the active flow entering the sea
* snorkel, sea-kayak, surf, and swim on a coral white sand beaches
* visit a black sand beach formed from volcanic basalts and examine a dramatic green sand beach formed from erosion of olivine-rich lava flows
* study coral reef systems and the creatures that inhabit them
* see endangered turtle species like the Hawaii Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) at Punalu'u black sand Beach
* get a private tour of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory by research volcanologist Frank Trusdell
* trek through dramatic rainforests and learn about the geological forces which shape this coast line
* explore the differences in climate as we drive from rainforests to savannahs and observe changes in vegetation and wildlife
* outdoor classroom-like sessions to study plate tectonics and volcanoes, volcanic products, and volcanic monitoring and natural hazards
* visit the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and get an inside tour by the on-site research scientist Dr. Gerard J. Fryer
* study the cultural history of the Hawaiian Islanders with a visit to the City of Refuge Pu'uhonua o Honaunau
* visit the Mauna Kea observatory to study astronomy
* develop mapping techniques through a tephra investigation along Tantalus Road
* climb to the top of Diamond Head to witness geometrical wave optics firsthand
* visit the University of Hawaii campus at Manoa
* AND MORE - Stay tuned!
* and I won't be doing THIS (unless you want to!!!)

** I've added a brief* community service component to our trip. (*brief in time, but large in depth)
Participants will be introduced to an agricultural product called Vetiver. We will be working directly under the supervision of Mary Wilkowski, CEO of Vetiver Systems Hawaii at her Vetiver farm and tissue culture laboratory in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Vetiver has great potential in the fields of agronomy, water quality management, soil conservation, and civil engineering through its use as an agent of erosion control. Vetiver is also cultivated for the oil distilled from its roots - it is a fixative used in the fragrance industry.
  Hawaiian Sea Turtles at Panalu'u Beach!             Namakani Paio Cabins at Volcano National Park!

Scientist Frank Trusdell of the Hawaii                   Kilauea's Active Volcanism!
Volcano Observatory gives us a Volcanic Tour!

Speaking with a Pearl Harbor survivor!                      Behind-the-scenes tour of PTWC!

Pepe'ekeo, Hamakua Coast!                                               Come join us!

                                                                   *July 2009 & 2010 trips were fully booked AND WE HAD A GREAT TIME.           
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